At Sunshine Woods Golf Centre, we hold numerous tournaments, whether for a company or family tournament, come on down or call for more information and ask about our banquet facility as well as our rates.


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Events coming up (open for public):

Junior Golf Camp

The Sunshine Woods Golf Camp is a five days experience, which provides professional golf instruction to juniors. The students are introduced to golf etiquette (rules and safety) and the basic fundamentals of golf. These are the grip, posture, stance, alignment, and ball position. With these fundamentals, the student learns to swing the golf club with ease and power. There are three areas that are stressed in our program: chipping, putting, and the swing. This camp focus on juniors and parents are very welcome.

We have two proficient coaches:

Norm Janvis

  • 2005 PGA Champions Tour
  • CPGA Club Pro Champion
  • BCPGA Champion
  • Winner Victoria Open, Canadian Tour
  • Shot 61 twice

There will be 3 camps all through the summer. The camp schedule is from Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 12:15 pm(15 minutes break). The dates of the camps are as follows:

  • July – August
Included with the Junior Golf Camp
  • 10 Hours of Professional instructions
  • Practice ball -10 Tokens(50 balls each)
  • Skills competition (Thursday)
  • Course competition on Friday

For kids more than 6 years old

4-8 kids or parents for one class

We take pride in our ability to work effectively with juniors of all ages and skill levels. We guarantee success through a positive learning environment. The point system program is the first in the lower mainland and it’s a very exciting way for kids to develop their skills. Not only do we teach fundamentals, we also encorporate enjoyment and proper etiquette. We believe in developing confidence, basic etiquette, and social skills enrichment.

Sunshine Woods Event Schedule

Sunshine Woods Golf has designed various events for the year 2020 year round, to support and train golfers in various level and beginners to understand the golfing skills and golf physical fitness, including 12 common golf swing characteristics; 16 general physical ability screening and analysis, and multiple exercise protocols utilizing over 86 fitness exercises.

Our professional coach will work on site, face to face, to demonstrate those details and interactive with golfers in person.

Golfers in various level and beginners in starting from age 5 are encouraged to join in our brilliant events, we believe you will benefit from every events to improve your golfing and receive better understanding on your physical body related to golfing.

Event #20-01: Golfing ability and body physical function

Date: pending on Covid-19, will start with notice asap online or group messenger.
Time: 1 hour /each session
Content: Physical body ability vs. golf swing quality

  1. The correlation between golf swing and physical body ability.
  2. Golfing in C posture and S posture, and its characteristics.
  3. Efficient and neutral golf stance.
  4. On-site screening on golfing stance, analysis and improvement.

Language: English group or Chinese group or combination.
Coach: Calvin Zhao, American TPI Certified Coach.
Group Number: 10 people/group starting from 6 people.
Fees: complimentary
Register: Talk to our stuff in our pro shop or phone us @ 604-596-0533